Thursday, July 2, 2009

this and that...

I've had four fat 1/8's of the Flea Market range of fabric. This week has been INTENSE and so every now and again I'm sewing a few pieces on to a logcabin quilt using this, some orange, white, brown and some greens.

I find some straight sewing helps me to calm my brain down enough to think clearly! I've got some blocks to do for the virtual quilting bee so hopefully tomorrow I can get them done.

We've been making some very tough decisions around our business and its exhausting. I've cried a lot of tear this week. It's not all bad (we don't have to sell our house yet) but there's a lot of hard decisions to make. It's especially hard to make decisions that will effect other people so deeply.

God is our provider! let's not forget that.


  1. Thinking of you! Hoping and praying things start to look up soon!

  2. Oh babe, I'm sorry! I love ya.

  3. I hope everything is going okay. I'm thinking of you!! Best of luck with everything! And yes, God always provides!

  4. I am so sorry the recession is affecting your family so hard. God is so aware and loves us dearly. He will provide for you and your precious family those others whom you love who will be affected also.

    I am praying for you!
    The quilt will be very nice. I need to start on one soon for our next little guy who will arrive in September.:)

  5. sewing is good for your soul,nd you need the break I am sure. It is really stressful for you huh, we have a similar thing going on with our move to Twizel, and trying to decide what to do with Rowing Man's practice in Outram - no takers, it is hard to find someone who wants to be a self-employed fullme GP - and the business employes 14 people!! Hang in there!!!


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