Monday, August 24, 2009

Bags for babies...

I had a bag making day on Saturday. I made eight bags! I'll post them in the next day or two.
This is a long handled and short handled version. The short handled one is for Annie's friend Bee, and the long handled one is for Annie. I made it to hang off a chair or a handle and put her toys in.

It's exactly the same bag as my tutorial. Such a versatile bag... 101 uses - hehe.
See these lovely oak drawers? want to hear a funny story about them?? ah well maybe I should tell. I brought them off Trademe, for $40 (*bargain) and then went to pick them up from Rolleston. Chrissy was having a mental health day on Friday, so I asked her if she wanted to come for the ride. It never entered my head that they might be a tiny bit difficult to put in the car by myself (duh). Off we went and arrived at the correct address. We get them to the car, that was the easy bit and then we realised that we had to lift them up into the car. As we were faffing about along comes a rubbish truck.
The nice young man asked us, "do you want help?"
Chrissy said, "No thanks, we'll be fine."
I said, "We'd love some help."
Shame! should have got our stories straight.
The young man said, "Doesn't that other door open (on the back of the 4WD)?"
I said, "I don't think so."
Chrissy flicked a switch and behold the door swung open.
Double shame!
We both said, "We'll be fine now thank you" and off went the nice young man.
then we quickly lifted the darn thing into the car and Chrissy didn't think how sore her tummy muscles were from stretch class, no not once.


  1. You two are quite a pair, huh!? Very funny! I think my stomach would have been sore from laughter, after all of the SHAME of the day!

  2. hahaha I can totally see that too! Blonde moment!


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