Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bangers and Mash!

Annie-Rose and I went to women's camp with the women from our church at Wainui on the weekend (I have a couple of photos to post later of the beautiful valley). When we got home at 3pm we had to quickly get changed and get out to door to a 50th birthday party. I jokingly said to James (13) who I was leaving behind, that he could make dinner.
At 5.30 we get a text to say dinner will be ready at 6 and to make sure we are back in time! Well you can be sure we did just that. We walked into the house wondering what we would find. It was bangers and mash....

Just what we needed on a chilly night. I was so pleased. He had gone to the freezer, worked out what he could do, cooked it all, mashed the spuds and dished it up. Fantastic!

Daddy is happy to get his little princess back!


  1. Love the photo of your Princess with her Daddy :)

  2. Good boy James!!!
    You get 2 gold starts.

  3. bangers and mash!!! how yummy and fun and what a treat to have a son that can make you dinner.

  4. Oh, will it tell you where I come from, if I say I have never even heard of bangers and mash? ha! It is nice to have dinner ready and waiting when you get home, huh?! Good show! He might even deserve some sort of husband award?!

    A-R sure is getting big!


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