Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear God, What is better on a winter weekend...

which involves going to Coalgate, good food, friends, warm fire, a simple embroidery project (I worked on my last year's Christmas quilt!) and some fresh air.

I love seeing the moss on the trees at this time of the year before their leaves come back.

Hard to catch this boy for a photo! He was lovely this weekend.

We walked down the road to the river and the little boys threw stones in!
Such fun in simple pleasures.
Thank you God for Your provision.
I know You keep providing for us. Thank You.


  1. Just popped in to say hi! YOur tutorial for the bag made from the sheet was wonderful... might just have to give it a go!
    Have a great day, Kimberly

  2. hi Deb,
    sometimes you just have to drink in life and make the most of what we is pretty jolly good most of the time YEH!


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