Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to turn two pillow cases into a pram bag...

The other day mum mentioned that we needed a bag for the back of the pushchair. Well that was all the encouragement I needed! I got two old pillowcases..
I measured up 16 inches and cut across both pillow cases. The lighter one was wider than the coloured one (who knew pillowcases come in different widths?? not me!) so I trimmed it to fit and sewed up the side, this suited me just fine though, cause I left a gap for turning later. (See instructions for making the bag here)

The brighter coloured piece from the top was just right for cutting and making four long strips of handle. Actually I originally joined them, but the bag hung too low, so I decided that it would work better if we could tie it onto the pram. Also I attached the handles very close to the side seam to make it hang better.

It's just right for putting the bits and bobs you need when you go off walking with the baby... your wallet, your phone, a bib, a nappy, a toy.... whatever really! Also handy for putting in that bottle of milk and loaf of bread your brought at the dairy and then wondered how to get home.

Who would have thought those pillowcases would be so useful? certainly not the person who put them out to the second-hand shop!!!


  1. It is really cute. Is it almost Spring there? We're getting ready for Fall. My favorite time of year.

  2. great idea...that looks wonderful

  3. I am a chronic bag lady! When I have kids, something like this will keep me from losing my mind. My future mother in law said to me the other day she doesn't know what she will do the day I walk through her door with no bags. Since I am constantly crocheting to keep my brain matter from ending up as wall decor for my friends and family, I always have a minimum of two bags, my purse and my yarn bag. ;)

  4. This is a great idea! We need a pram bag too, maybe I'll try something like this as my first bag, if I can only figure out how to get out my sewing machine with my three little ones underfoot!

  5. Good design! Sometimes I over-fill what I hand on the pram and we tip over- oops!


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