Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have loads of projects on my to-do list. But all I got done was a needle case and pin cushion for one of the cousins. i got her some scissors, a tape measure (in the wee felt case with the orange heart) and a bundle of patterns from my stash that I haven't used.
Loving this little one!

Reuben is currently obsessed with having a puppet show. Here's David (very graciously) building him a puppet theatre.

He's very pleased with it. We've discovered if we can make whatever he is obsessed about happen in some way, it helps the process to go by faster.

Isn't she just the cutest??


  1. Love the sewing accessories! Very cute! AR is, BY FAR, cuter than the sewing stuff, but what did you expect!

  2. You have a beautiful little girl and a very handsome young man.

  3. i love being able to make their creative ideas come a real tangible thing not just their idea anymore. I bet he is loving his puppet theater

  4. Ruben sounds like my 4 year old, Urban! He is always thinking and drawing up instructions on how to build stuff. Then Daddy gets to figure it all out!

  5. She is very cute. I love all the pink accessories! I also love the little quilt AR is laying on. Very cute. Its great that he is into the puppet shows and not obsessed with something unstimulating like video games. :)Maybe there is a way to help him with his reading as well, like if he were to read a book and then act it out with the puppets? Just throwing out some ideas to make the process more bearable. :)


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