Monday, August 3, 2009

I love old stuff...

I needed some mindless sewing this afternoon. Annie-Rose has been very grumpy so I didn't have that much time. This came together in bits of time snatched! I do love having my sewing machine on the dining room table, I just have to be diligent to keep it tidy.
I love this. I hope the new owner will too! Look at this fabric here...
A beautiful piece of cotton fabric with Holly Hobbie type figures. ($9NZ at the market) Remember those? When I was a little girl they were all the rage. I loved them. What should I do with this lovely?? I love some suggestions!
Oh and by the way I just haven't got onto my project with the tablecloth, the sheet and the traycloth. It's sitting on the dining room chair waiting. Maybe tomorrow!


  1. Is that your vintage sheet quilt? It's awesome! Great work, squeezing in somet time to sew it up.

    As I know nothing about sewing, I'm not sure what to suggest for the other fabric...

  2. I love your vintage sheet quilt and the Holly Hobbie type fabric, too! They are both awesome! I guess maybe that fabric, I would cut it into some sort of squares/rectangles and piece some other fabric around them to make a nice quilt.

  3. Hey Deb
    Just touched on your amazing blog, wherever do you get the time! I must get a space this weekend and read it thro.
    (I love the Holly Hobby quilt, Jo was called Joanna coz it seemed like a Holly Hobby name to me.)

    Looking for a suggestion as to what to do with that one? I would love Annie-Rose to have it but thought maybe it would greatly comfort someone at a Ronald McDonald House.
    "Wish it was mine" Mother said selfishly :)
    Nope R McD wins in my thinking. If you do that embroider your name on it wont you.
    Mum xx

  4. I remember Holly Hobby. They are still cute.


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