Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recycling at its best...

I'm really interested in sustainability. To be acting sustainable is minimising the amount of resources I use. It fits nicely with my love of old stuff and my love of making things! That's why my tutorials are for things you can make out of old things.
This quilt is a perfect example. I love it so so so much. It's made out of old floral sheets. A few years ago I would not have given you 10 cents for one of those sheets. Now I harbour them like treasure.
Imagine how many people have laid on these sheets and dreamed dreams, thought about what they wanted to do. How many tears have been shed on these sheets (and how many babies begun??) how many times have people woken up and smiled to start the day. So much of our lives are lived between the sheets and here is a quilt made up of all those hopes and dreams... off to start another life for someone precious to me.

How I wish I could keep it! But as I sewed I prayed for the receipient and so off it goes with my prayers also and I know that as the new owner lies under it, God will answer my prayers for them.

Isn't recycling awesome?? even recycled prayers!!
it was prayers like that that gave us Annie-Rose....

and where would we be with out her?


  1. That is so sweet. You quilted that up so quickly! I absolutely love it, and I know that whomever the recipients are will be extremely blessed in their lives. I bet they will dream new dreams, cry new tears, and enjoy their own family under this very blanket. This post is one of the most beautiful you have written. I love how you brought out all the beauty of recycling!!

  2. I love that you are praying for the person who will receive your quilt! That is so thoughtful! I think AR might be considered a bit of recycling too! She looks like parts from both of you were put into a bag and shaken up and out popped AR!!! Ok, maybe not recycling, but that little cutie sure is undeniably yours!

  3. those are such beautiful sentiments...very well said. I love the use of old sheets. this quilt looks beautiful

  4. How sweet you are. I love collecting sheets and pillowcases too.I've been collecting for about a year now.

  5. I just wanted to say that your quilt is beautiful and the prayers and sentiments that have gone into the making of it are even more beautiful. The recipients will be so blessed to receive your quilt!

  6. That quilt is beautiful - and so is little Annie-Rose!


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