Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I like making stuff...

Because the washing, the family feeding, the work, the cleaning, the cooking NEVER ENDS!
But the cute moleskin covered is there to admire tomorrow!

And the Christmas blocks ready to post can be admired one more time! So satisfying.


  1. This is my answer every time someone asks why I crochet! You could not be more right!

  2. It is just so relaxing. I think I have decided crochet is my new form of meditation. :) Where might one get one of those covered moleskins? I love it, it is very unique and can be made to fit the owner. I write all the time and always keep a notebook in my purse, by the bed, wherever one might think up great thoughts only to have them forgotten if there is not a notebook nearby. I've been looking to find a smaller journal for my purse, more light weight, and the mole skins are great, but they are always so plain!


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