Sunday, September 13, 2009

Annie-Rose went to the beach....

In her pink sunhat! Reuben pitched his tent and found treasures in the sand.

Daddy and Chrissy lay on the quilt in the sun.

Annie-Rose loves the sand - sand between the toes is the best feeling isn't it.

Annie-Rose, we are coming here a lot this summer. It's been a long winter, but spring is definitely here now.


  1. she looks so sweet in her sunhat. it is nice to get out and enjoy the sun after it has been chilly

  2. Annie-Rose is getting so big. She's such a cutie. It's your turn to have a great Spring and Summer. We're finishing up on ours. I love the Fall. Winter is okay too. Our Winter's aren't too bad. We may get a little snow.

  3. Very nice tent! That is so adorable. It looks like a great family day.

  4. hey mum
    ah thats Annie sitting on the quilt next to Dad...
    wish i was there though! missed Annie's first time at the beach, great photos!


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