Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Christmas present proto-type (or its 110 days till Christmas!!)

I've decided to make picnic rugs. but then I remembered seeing somewhere, possibly in the "Weekend Sewing" book, a quilt made into a simple tent with ties. Of course I had to change it a bit, plus I couldn't look in the book because Sharyn and Simona have it!!
So with two metal eyelets, some specially adapted sticks and some fabric guy ropes, we have...

No that's me, Reuben was taking the photos!!

Here, we have a boy tent! It works perfectly.

See, so cute. We think we'll make these multi-purpose quilts. We'll put in 6 wire pegs, two sticks, two fabric guy ropes (more on them another day) and add a couple of metal eyelets to each quilt. then they can be a picnic rug, a sun shade or a quilt depending on your fancy.

what do you think? are we on a winner here???
Roo certainly thinks so! Also if you happen to get two in one family (you know who you are hehe) then you can use one to lie on and one to pitch over you.
Will be perfect at the beach for a baby I'm thinking this summer. Also will tie nicely over the newly purchased playpen to keep the sun off Miss Annie-Rose. Yes we are going to love our proto-type. Now to make 10 more. That's only one every 10 days till Christmas. I think I'll aim for one a week. I have to make the first one this week anyway because it's going to its new owner soon.


  1. You are such a good Mom. Reuben looks very happy. I love it.

  2. this is a great idea...i love the little tent that it makes!!! Fabulous...and the new header is fun, i forgot to say so before.

  3. They boy tent sounds like the BEST plan!

    I am missing Reuben blogs lately!


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