Friday, September 25, 2009

This and that...

We have a wee white board in our kitchen and try to put a Bible verse or thought for the day up most days. Reuben decided to put one up the other night, here is "God loves Christians and Goodies"! Don't you love that? I think it covers just about everybody!!
I've been resisting buying cups like these, I keep seeing them in op-shops. But yesterday I gave in and bought these three. I just love how vibrant the colours are.

James brought me back this from Melbourne. You gotta love a kid who will go to the opshop in a strange country and bring you back a vintage sheet in his hand luggage!

The resized dress. I don't know what size 6 month old the original pattern was designed for! I've added 2 inches to the width and about 6 to the length. I've made three more of these dresses this week, they are perfect for spring over a long sleeved t and pants.


  1. I love Reuben's message, and that dress is darling!

    Was the pattern from the US? Baby clothes run REALLY small over here...

  2. Love Reuben's thoughts!

    Looove the cups!

    And, loooooooooooove little AR!

  3. That's so cute about James! I went a little mad today buying you fabric here in Cambodia. Hope you like it!! Some of them are actually scarves so you can either wear them or make something from them xx

  4. how sweet to bring you a sheet...and that baby dress is too cute!!! i love the wall behind the tea cups. Is that paper?

  5. Reuben's verse is wonderful. The innocence is perfect. :) I have a coffee cup addiction! After the wedding, someone bought us new ones, and I actually got rid of some of my old garage sale cups!! What is wrong with me? I didn't think anything of it then, but I miss them now seeing your pictures. The old garage sale and hand me down set meant so much more than the new matching set...and the history in each cup. It was a wonderful way to enjoy my morning brew...


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