Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do I need a to-do list?

Look at this Tamarisk Tree! Isn't it fantastic? it just is so so glorious at this time of the year. We love it. It's a gloomy day here today and I'm feeling a bit slow! Dana at Old Red Barn Co has been writing her to-do list today, but do you know I don't feel like doing one.

I had to be at a job (complete with dressed and fed baby) at 8am this morning to show one of the painters what to do. Now Annie-Rose is asleep and I'm trying to get my house a bit tidy before the weekend (as you do!)

I'd quite like to get the borders on my Christmas quilt. It's "A Christmas Story" by Ani Downs. This is how it should look...

I started it over a year ago and was quietly working away at the blanket stitch. I decided it was never going to get done at this rate, so have done all the rest by machine. I feel a bit bad, but at least it's done and it looks ok. I really want the children to remember it hanging on the wall every Christmas, but if I don't get it done soon, they won't!!

I'm going to make potato soup for tea.

I want to buy vege plants and seeds for Reuben and I to plant tomorrow.

I want to hand wash the two beautiful blankets I got at the op-shop.

I want to sew the next stage of the 9 pillowcase quilt (Brenda is waiting!!)

I need some sleep.

I have about 6 loads of washing to do!

I should go for a walk

Maybe I should get off the computer and get started??


  1. Stunning quilt! I just want to learn how to quilt while my children are still home to remember...

  2. that is some that tree!! i can not wait to see the rest of the plan for the pillowcases

  3. I can wait until next week for the pillowcase plan. I'm pretty busy myself. The tree is very lovely. The quilt is great. I know you will finish it by Christmas.


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