Saturday, October 17, 2009

On the Shelf...

I'm joining with Pip @ Meet me at Mike's (and loads of others) to show

What's on the Shelf
Now this is not exactly a shelf, it's the top of the coffee machine. But I've got a real thing about adding colour at the moment and so I've put my wee collection of cups on top of the coffee machine. It makes me so happy to drink my coffee out of a pretty cup. I'm a bit over white white white china all the time and have taken to sneaking coloured stuff here and there into our china drawer.

Ah, happiness.
Thank's Pip for letting me show off my pretty cups! Lol by the way my sister kidnapped your book and WON'T GIVE IT BACK ever, it's her absolute favourite!!

If you don't own this book... why don't you???


  1. Aw you! Stop it! Shucks!
    Now, about your shelf, I love those cups! So nice to see a bit of retro amidst the cool new coffee machine! Ace idea! Thank you for shelfing up with us! xx

  2. color just makes life brighter, doesn't it?


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