Thursday, October 8, 2009

We're back [and we took lots of pictures!!]

First a couple of sweet little darlings from the op-shop!

Shenleigh's dad... he wins for bushiest eyebrows ever. He has a heart of absolute gold. Love him to bits.

This little bubba does a LOT of eating. She loves food, my goodness, nearly as much as her mamma!

We also got a lot of sewing done. The eye-spy quilts seem to be multiplying. This is for Annie-Rose for Christmas.

This is for Reuben for Christmas.

This is for James for Christmas (just laid out, not sewn yet) all cut out of Canteen bandanas.

Yuck! this is Reuben's toe after he majorly stubbed it on the stairs. Many many many tears!

It was so great to get away. We were only going to go for one night, but ended up staying most of the week. I feel much better now. The weekend was hectic at the Expo, especially coming in the middle of the school holidays. I got several other projects cut out, let me see, one tutorial for World Sweet World (yes it's going to be published - EXCITING!) one for this blog, three other quilts for various other things. I was very busy with that Rotary cutter. Oh I have a cool new bag design I'm working on too. Feels good to be on top of things at the start of the term.


  1. Shenleigh's dad's eyebrow (not eyebrows) could rival a 1980s Brooke Shields!!!
    Glad you got some stitching done.
    I hope Reuben is being brave. That looks very hurty indeed!
    Andi :-)

  2. MAN, Reuben's toe!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have cried for a week! That is so terrible! I hope he feels better!

    I love, love, love the quilt with the random squares and the pink stripes through all of it! It is VERY striking!

  3. That toe looks painful!

    Beautiful quilts, and glad you had a nice trip.

  4. you are such a busy lady....all those quilts and more!! i love the eye spy you are making for Annie Rose. the colors are just beautiful


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