Monday, November 2, 2009


1. This morning I fed the baby in bed and then got out of bed, put on my pants and shoes (I slept in my t-shirt) and went grocery shopping while Annie was asleep. I did not shower, I did not do my hair, I did not brush my teeth.... eeeeew! [it's 7pm now and I still haven't]
2. Reuben was not being hurt in the previous post, he was having his t-shirt taken off because it was on back to front and we were taking photos of the baby on the quilt and snapped the 'sad' face. In short, no one was actually harmed in the taking of this photo. Thanks for your concern though anonymous xxx (mum??)


  1. Do we think alike? I should meet her if she ever travels. Better not blame her for this one tho x

  2. Spending a day with no shower and no brushing .... is that not OK? Maybe I should rethink my life!?! Sounds like a regular kind of day to me. LOL
    Andi :-)

  3. Been there done that. You are an amazing Mom.

  4. Too funny! Just so you know, I never questioned R's safety in that last post! I just could not think of anything interesting to say, so I didn't! The sad face is a little too normal around here! Got quite a whiny bunch a lot of the time and none of them like following directions! Oh well, they will grow up and move away, right? ha! Probably not for a long time, but I do have a 10 year old and a 7 year old today! Two birthdays in one day!

  5. love this picture...i don't think you are the only mommy out there missing a shower for the sake of all the things we need to do...i can relate!

  6. I've never ever ever ever had one of these days...I wish.


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