Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear dear, it's nearly Christmas!

I dropped into my favourite City Mission Shop yesterday to get a pair of black pants for Reuben to be Michael Jackson at school on friday and while I was there I hit the mother-load (have you seen Alvin and the Chipmunks? I have about 500 times - thanks Roo xx). Now normally I would not have looked twice at a box of old Christmas decorations, but I have been reading Ooodles and Oodles by Barbara for quite a while now and oh my goodness the things she finds. I don't even know why I want these or what I'll do with them, but I'm sure Barbara would have brought them.

See I couldn't leave these behind! Or these...

Real ceramic decorations, not Warehouse rubbish (sorry Mr Tindal)...

These teeny tiny deer are made of glass? ceramic? dunno, but way up there on the cute factor!

This little guy seems to be made from some kind of rubber, but he's lovely.

A little wooden nativity. And just look at these wee litttle sheep...

So lovely! Thanks Barbara. I was thinking of you! Makes me realise how close Christmas is. I'm feeling exhausted at the moment, I just can't seem to catch up, so I'm going to take Annie-Rose to Coalgate and do my Christmas sewing for the weekend. I wonder how soon I can escape?? Hopefully tomorrow afternoon!


  1. Hi, Deb! This is how things start - you don't know why you bought them, but you know somebody else bought them, and before you know it you're thinking about renting a storage unit (which I'm not! yet.) Very cute ornaments! I've been saving deer for a friend of mine - she'd go crazy if she saw all of those!

  2. I am so weak, I always end up coming home with more than I should! The sweet deer remind me of my grandma - she loved ceramic and glass animals!

  3. I read Barbara's blog every day. She always finds the cutest things. The reindeer are my favorite.

  4. what a haul! i absolutely love the little gnome girl in there.

  5. Oh wow, what a find! You really did get some great goods!


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