Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[it is bedtime yet??]

The sofa is looking so so attractive today. I just want to lay my tired tired body on it and sleep the day away. Yesterday I had a massive day. I had a huge audit for our Enviromark status (currently we have gold) for our painting company. We are the only painting and decorating company in New Zealand (so far) to have achieved this level of sustainability, and oh my goodness after the grueling process yesterday, I know why. I'm totally commited to the process, but half-way through the interagation audit I wanted to stick pins into my eyes and kick them out of the office. Aaaargh!

Then just to top the day off I had to go and have a good old fashioned talking to with one of my team and his parents. Fun fun fun. Oh no, so not fun, believe me.

And then, happy happy, joy joy, Reuben could not sleep last night and was awake for hours and hours, including a couple of them in our bed.

Am I a nice happy mum this morning??
No! But I am happy about this....

What else could you expect!

PS... pop over here to the Block Party for some quilty fun and a great giveaway!


  1. Have fun at the sale! Good luck with all getting there though, I don't know how easy it is to drive with toothpicks holding your eyelids open!

  2. life is busy huh, and sleep deprivation is not a good thing! Have fun at the sale!


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