Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mastering the Crochet hook...

I followed Meg's example and using a kid's book have finally begun to Single Crochet on the weekend. I think Meg has abducted her book from the library for ever!! It's actually very simple, (thanks for the encouragement Meg) I don't know why I couldn't master it. I think it was because I wanted to immediately make monkeys! This time I'm making Teddy a scarf. He will wear it without complaint!

Look isn't it lovely? I'm enjoying it. Just one small wee point. I seem determined to make, triangles. Yes strangely, it just seems to gently get smaller! This is not a photographic illusion! My first attempt on Saturday night absolutely was a perfect pyramid [sigh]. Nevermind, I really think I needed one more craft to add to my collection.

I had a great weekend and came home with a stupendous amount of stuff I made. Incredible! and a new determination to follow Andi and try and figure out if I can make this my real job one day soon. I just so enjoyed making stuff. I'm not like Jane (who I admire greatly) who manages to mass produce stuff, I think five of any thing exactly the same is my limit!

I've had an idea, I'd love to get an old ambulance and make it into a mobile classroom and trundle about teaching people how to make stuff from what they have.

I can dream!!


  1. Are you remebering to chain 1 before you turn? All my blankets used to do that till I remebered to chain one before turning.
    Unless you are going for triangles? ;)

  2. I love your idea of a mobile making classroom - fantastic.


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