Friday, November 20, 2009

Saturday Night sewing Report...

The littlest quilt critic loves loves loves her new quilt. She spent a lot of time looking at it today. Thanks Amber!

I made 5 aprons out of fat quarters like so: Fold the fabric in half, cut off two and 1/2 inches from one side, and two and 1/2 inches off the top. Then I cut off an angle and it looks like this...

So cute!
I will get Chrissy to screen print a cookie recipe on to fabric and make oven mits out of it. I have made a little bag for each apron to go in and have a gingerbread man cutter to go with it.

Annie had a great time in the bath this afternoon.

This is a lovely lovely bag I made. I've made about 8 bags today, but this is my favourite!

I made the front out of an old cushion. The embroidery is very beautiful indeed (click on the picture to get a better veiw), amazing and it now has a new life. A very productive day!


  1. It looks amazing - you did a great job. And I'm so happy to see something from Hawaii made it's way into a quilt all the way over there :-)
    All your other creations look fantastic too!

  2. Gorgeous quilt, sweet bag, and I love your little apron sets!

  3. Hi Deb... I love the simplicity of your aprons - do you mind detailing a bit more about the sewing bit? My 2 year old just got invited to his 'girlfriends' birthday party. I was thinking this might be a sweet little gift :)


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