Monday, November 16, 2009

You can't beat a good old vintage sheet...

I picked up this piece of fabric the other day, it is scarf width with a selvedge down each long side. I wonder where it comes from? its very striking and a nice cotton. I want to put some kind of tassle edging on the short edge if I can find a tutorial somewhere.

In my day today, lovely vintage sheet quilt tops. I just love working on these. I imagine the grannies buying the sheets for newly weds, I imagine little children lying in them looking at the ceiling, I imagine the couples lying in the saturday morning sun chatting... so many stories as I work on these quilts.

Chrissy wanted me to take a picture of these lovely Iris in our back garden. The lovely thing about planting bulbs or tubers (I think that's what Iris are) is that the first year you get one stalk but as the years go by you get more and more as they grow and spread. We now have three lovely stems of these iris to enjoy!


  1. Those are beautiful flowers! Very nice fabric too - wonder if you could create a fringe on the scarf by just unravelling the ends by hand (first stitching across where you want the unravelling to stop)?

  2. Your vintage sheets are gorgeous.
    I never seem to find nice ones in our thrift stores.
    Andi :-)

  3. I love your beautiful sheets. I haven't found many lately. I think a lot more people are doing what we do.

  4. the fabric is fabulous! i love the vintage sheets you are working with.

  5. Cute quilt! I have a small pile of sheets that I am saving to make a quilt too. It is gonna be a while before I have enough.


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