Thursday, November 26, 2009

Your Place and Mine: what I collect!!

The photo for Pip from Meet Me at Mikes is about our collections! Well it was hard to choose where to start. I'm a bit of a collector really, but my favourite things are old kitchen bits and bobs, particularly enamelware.

You just can't have too many enamel mugs in my opinion. There are 101 uses for them.

I occassionally buy a reproduction like this salt container but mostly I love the old items, all chipped and worn. I like thinking about the women who brought these useful items and what they were thinking about when they used them. Yes I might collect enamel items, but  in my head I'm collecting stories!


  1. I ***LOVE*** that sago tin. I love them all really but that sago tin is by far the best. Love. Love. Love.

    (but I don't like eating sago at all)

  2. I was admiring the sago tin and then scrolled down to see Sally's comment. Yey for the sago tin. Loving your enamel ware. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely post Deb.
    I like collecting stories too!!

  4. oooh this is a fabulous collection. the enamelware is so beautiful.


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