Friday, December 18, 2009

Nothing like a deadline (or three) to get things done!

Quilts all bound and now wrapped... James, Chrissy, Annie-Rose, Aunty Amy, Reuben (top to bottom).

Tomatoes all stewed, ready for pureeing and freezing.

Yummy yummy Snickerdoodle Cookies (recipe from Leslie)

Hopefully this is what they are supposed to look like. Anyway they are DELICIOUS.

Today I'm trying to get all the stuff finished for our Enviromark Audit - it has to be sent off on Tuesday and I want to take the little kids to Waltham pool for a swim. This evening we are going to go grocery shopping, not exactly fun, but the supermarket should be quiet being a Saturday night :)

Monday I'm going to get 1000 christmas cards out for work, finish making the picnic rug for dad and then the rest of the week will be packing for holiday and getting the house all clean and tidy for Christmas, interspersed with fun stuff with the kids.

Yes it's a busy time of the year isn't it for all of us.

Something that's making me smile today is the bag of lavender I accidentally left in the car is making my car smell beautiful in the hot sun.

Random truck picture we took a couple of years ago I found when I was looking for a picture of  lavender which bizzarely I couldn't find. I'll have to take some pictures when our new ones come out.


  1. I keep reading "the hot sun" with envy...It is snowy and dark I miss the sun already.
    I work much better under pressure as well :)

  2. Hi Deb, do ever get time to sleep? You make me feel sooooooo lazy, and yes I am envious of your sunshine, here over the hill we have had rain all day and the fog is so thick I haven't seen the farm across the road since yesterday :(

  3. Hey stop doing so much, Chica! You are making me look bad. cookies and tomatoes in one day.
    Congrats on getting all your quilts done! You are a superstar!!

  4. Have you officially lost your mind yet, Lady? You are busy, busy, busy! I felt swamped cutting out pics of the 7 kids, for my 50-some-odd Christmas cards! Ha!

  5. I'm missing Summer. Hello Winter.
    I don't know how you do it all.


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