Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thinking happy thoughts and a Winner.

Today I have spend all day sorting out 900 addresses for our work Christmas cards. I have googled, I have looked in the white pages, on our data base and in our accounts system. My brain hurts. My 13 year old is at WAR with his father, possibly the ugliest fence ever has been erected on our front lawn and I have to make a potluck something for tea tonight.

Every thing in the garden is lovely anyhow... look at this lovely yellow rose, it's an old English Graham Thomas rose, it makes me feel happy just to look at it.

Pink rose buds, how can you feel grumpy with the world when you look at these?? Well actually quite easily, but I'm determined not to be. It's too close to Christmas to sweat the small stuff. Santa is coming to the street Christmas party. I'm going to have a glass of something cold and refreshing, change out of my [slightly too small] jeans into something comfy and pray that the casserole cooks in time and the somewhat tough meat tastes delicious.

Oh I know what will help this day get better, the winner of the World Sweet World magazine is Whitney, who said, : "i'm thinking about making one of these wreaths (seen here) out of paper scraps from our recycle bin. if i can make time, of course!" Congratulations Whitney, can you email me with your address??

What have you got planned tonight??


  1. congratulations Whitney!!! your roses are beautiful. my brain hurts for you, just thinking about all those cards!

  2. Well, hopefully, your night can only improve. But Annie Rose surely must be a bright spot. Look how big she has grown! What a cutie! Hope you're having a nice Christmas season across the pond!

  3. Beautiful photos, Annie-Rose is looking less like a baby and more like a little girl with every picture!

    Good luck with everything you're trying to balance - we're just trying to get over jetlag!

  4. thank you so much!
    i did make the wreath, but it has since fallen completely apart (after twenty four hours of life).
    i made another one last night though, so all is well - for now.

    those roses are soo lovely.


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