Saturday, December 5, 2009

This weekend there has been a lot of this...

I tried out a sling from Homemade Home by Amanda Soule. I didn't take into account the fact that, um I'm a largish person and take up room in the sling! Anyway the kids can use the prototype. It's so so easy to make and the instructions are great.

I just couldn't resist putting together this pile of loveliness. I've been rewarding myself this weekend by sewing bits of these together.

You know... put away all the clean clothes.... sew a strip. Sort all the washing and put in the machine.... sew a strip. Tidy the kitchen and do the dishes.... sew a strip. And bit by bit all the nasty boring jobs get done and the piles of strips grow!!

Love this shot of the these three darlings looking up at me. The quilts in our home get a lot of use. I'm not precious with them. They are constantly in use as huts, as floor mats and as cuddly rugs.

Annie-Rose is sick with a cold
so we've been snuggled on the sofa all day.
She just fell asleep so I could pop in here quickly,
but I'm off to get a cup of tea while I can.
Hope you all have a good Sunday with your families.


  1. I've been wanting to try out the sling. glad to know the instruction is easy to follow.

  2. Feel better soon little one.
    Mum has some more stitching to do!!!

  3. I love the quilts on the floor...and I agree that (most) quilts should be well used and loved! :)

  4. he looks so sweet holding her in that sling. i love slings!!! i have had a sewing day like that before. the sewing becomes a motivator and a treat

  5. I hope your little one feels better soon. i'm sure being cuddled up in the sling and on the couch all day helps. I love that your quilts are used and loved.

  6. Gorgeous photos, and I love your new banner too!

  7. Poor Annie Rose. :( At least she is still willing to play. :) I love that you have so so many quilts and that they all get use. I love cozy things, and your house looks so cozy. The picture of your three little darlings is great! I didn't know you had a little orange kitty. How sweet!

  8. get better wishes for Annie Rose!


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