Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Colours of Paua Shell...

I'm loving crochet. I have hardly touched the sewing machine since Christmas, but am enjoying sitting quietly and making hats! I also love the way I can use up odds and ends of unloved wool, it's another way of being sustainable!! This hat has two different minty green wools that look perfectly fine together. I actually think this one might fit Annie-Rose!!

Have you noticed how different seasons seem to make you notice different colours. Like in the spring I saw Yellow everywhere, but now it's the colours of the paua shell, greens, blues and turquoise.

Like this beautiful drive we went up yesterday, when we went to Mt Hutt to deliver the boy to work and four ten litre buckets of paint.

Or this amazing sky on the way home over the Rakaia Gorge.

Even the faded spine of the old poetry book I brought at the op shop for $1 has the summery shade.

And the amazing heads of brocolli in our garden are glowing with greens!
It makes me want to organise my fabric stash into colour ways.


  1. Lovely pictures! Here everything is gray. Cement gray. And dirty. Yuck. I nominated you for an award on my blog because I very much love the items you make and the wonderful pictures you post. Have a happy day! :)

  2. I would love a trade! Would you want a giraffe? Or some other animal? you can email me: marciafam03 @ yahoo.com

  3. Gorgeous post Deb! I am so impressed with your hat making. I have tried and tried but I can't seem to make one bigger than new born size. I can totally relate to being hooked on the hook and ignorning the machine.

  4. i love all of these pictures....the one of the lane lined with trees is my favorite. i am wanting to make myself a new hat...you are inspiring me. i have to go rummage through my leftovers and see what i have enough of.

  5. I love the colors of your world, right now! It makes me long for Spring!

  6. Of course you love crochet! It is wonderful, and you really brightened my dreary cold-filled day with this post. thanks so much!

  7. I very much love the items you make and the wonderful pictures you post. Have a happy day!

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