Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ok, you can find me here now too ...

I have teenagers, I need to be able to see what they are up to! But if anybody out there wants to be my friend, please do!! Find me here [sigh]

Be my friend, do please.


  1. YaY! I looked for you a long time ago, but you weren't on there at the time...I'll definitely find you! For now, I need to go to bed! UGH! Been up putting a quilt top together! That's right, a quilt top, but just a small one!

  2. OK, Deb! I've sent you a friend request! Hope little Annie Rose & the rest of the family are doing well!

  3. Ive sent you a friend request too :)

  4. I can't find you! Do you have a photo on your profile? xx


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