Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer accent colour...

I think the accent colour for this summer is orange at our house.

Fresh apricots, not quite ripe off the tree (it broke in half in the wind)

Lady Barbara Rose (reminds me of my late friend Sally)

Nasturshims (sp?) bursting with colour

Picnic plates in readiness by the front door

Annie-Rose's dinner - pumpkin and couscous

It made me pull all my orange fabrics. I feel an orange and aqua project coming on.


  1. oh my goodness those fabrics make my heart happy. Maybe I'll head to the fabric store today if for no other purpose but to look at and touch summer.

  2. those fabrics together are amazing. so bright and fresh. i love the colors around your house. annie rose's dinner sure sounds yummy

  3. It's hard to imagine summer when we have tons of snow and ice in Iowa. I love your fabrics. I've been drawn to orange and need to pull some fabrics and start a new project. That will be my little burst of summer.


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