Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calling all creative mums...

Pop over to Trudy's blog and see about the new group she is starting. I really like the concept and have ordered the book from Amazon to begin.

I find people often dismiss what I do and say things like, I'm too busy, I'd never have time for that. I just smile and say, you can always find time for what you want to do. I have a full-time job, four children including a baby I'm still breastfeeding and an 8 year old who has some special needs. David doesn't have much time to help as he runs a business also and is training for a cycle race. I'm not complaining, I like to be busy, I'm just saying... Do those people really think they are more busy than me? I don't really think so. I have a lot on my plate but I make sure I am creative every day. It's soule food.... it's important for me.

Sorry I didn't mean to rant, it's just that I'm PASSIONATE about everybody being creative.
This morning I got up before the household is awake and started using these beautiful Echino fabrics from Bolt of Cloth. Have you seen their button on the side of my blog? I have to give Suzanna a plug because she has a fantastic range and all the fabrics are on the website ($5 postage anywhere in New Zealand). I'm just loving the Echino range, it's gorgous. I'll show you what I'm doing with these later.
And just to finish (this eclectic blog post!) look at these beauties I got from the Sally Army this week. All washed and ready to snuggle under. It reminds me my "Granny a day" hasn't been going on too well, what with snakes, owls and birds, but I'm ready to begin again. I realised I need to have all the same thickness wool (duh) otherwise it doesn't make the squares the same size!

Annie-Rose and I are off to the beach this morning with playcentre... thank you God for Fridays!
What plans do you have today???


  1. I have wondered before how you (or my sister) fit it all in, but you guys have learned how to pack craftiness in short time periods. Lol I'm always impressed!

  2. Oh Deb, surely nobody in the world is busier than you! I'm am constantly in awe...

  3. how different our worlds are off to the beach for a beautiful day in the sun and i have been home today all day because it has been snowing all day!!! like cats and dogs!!! this book looks really interesting. i am going to have to go check it out. i have always thought that same thing but you really put it into words well. we are all busy as moms and career women but that doesn't mean we can't be creative or make time to be!

  4. HI Deb, I know you didn't intend this but I have had my butt kicked- and in a good way! Thank you for some perspective (my gosh you have a lot on!). I don't like the word 'busy', I like active, because it owns the actions you are undertaking. You are very active! I do need craft everyday, I realised how good it was for me a few months ago- I have let it slip. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. i find your blog so inspiring Deb and so filled with colour and love, and your'e so right - we should all find time to be creative.. with that in mind im off to dig out my sewing machine!! Thank you!! Fi xxx

  6. Man! You are busy and productive! Love it all.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Good on you ;)
    Everyone has the same amount of minutes in the day, its just about choosing what we each spend them on. Prioritising. Sometimes a bit of crafting is far more important than picking up the toys and doing the dishes. And the biggest thing for me was turning off the tv, and turning on the radio instead. I like national radio. I get 10 times more stuff done with the telly off, and learn weird and wonderful things while I'm at it.

  8. like those blankets from the Sally Army

    taught B14 this morning
    dropped my catologues this afternoon

  9. Okay so just incase you've never come across it I'd also like to recommend a fabulous book 'Hidden Art' written in the awesome 1970s by Edith Schaffer which is one of my favourite inspirations for being creative daily. My day bought me a second hand copy and I LOVE it. It's Christian in its perspective - ie We are made by a Creator so as such creativity is innately part of who we are but I think it would be enjoyable for anyone.
    Your prolific creativity is a total inspiration. You go girl!

  10. Oh, lovely grannies! And without all the work! I used to make afghans but the grannies were my least favorite work. I love the color of these.

  11. I agree I agree I agree I agree I agree I agree I agree. We need to be making so that we stay out of the mental ward. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with that nifty fabric.


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