Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to make Bunting from a Pyjama Jacket and a Pillowcase....

One of my neighbours gave me a pair of pyjamas they got for Christmas. Now let me just say, those of us over size 14 probably shouldn't wear bright pink pyjamas, yes really. The pants are fine with a plain t-shirt, but this shirt... nasty! Another one of our neighbours is going to turn three this week and I thought some pink bunting was in order. Ahha, I thought, that shirt would be perfect. And it was. Unfortunately the focus on my camera is not working properly, so no pics, but this is what I did....

  1. Cut as many triangles as I could from  the pink shirt.
  2. I like my bunting to have neat edges, so I sewed them in pairs and then turned them right way out.
  3. Then I got an old pillowcase and cut it into three inch strips.
  4. Press each strip in half, then open it out and press each raw edge to the middle line.
  5. Start sewing the strip together (you need a piece to be able to tie up bunting)
  6. Insert triangles into bunting as you sew and keep sewing till you run out of triangles.
  7. Sew a bit longer to make a matching end for tying up.
Perfect, just needs wrapping up for Lily for her birthday!


  1. awesome way to re use!!! the banner looks great. i like the finished edge...i have always done mine with pinking shears on the edge.

  2. What a great idea. I might just have to find a reason for bunting just so I can make it.

  3. I love reading your blog and finding differences between where you live and where I live. lol I am reading a book called "An Irish Country Village" right now. Its a fiction novel, and I'm really enjoying it, but it was the first place I ever saw the word "pyjama." Coincidentally, your blog is now the second place I have ever seen it. lol It is spelled pajama here, and I don't know if it is pronounced differently, but its just another thing that makes me smile. lol

  4. Hi there. Love your blog and how you write! I am also larger than 14 in ANY country! I just made a Happy Birthday bunting or banner and stressed on the bias binding. I scoured the net and found a tut from 2007 on my ironing board. Yours was SO MUCH EASIER! I have since been to Dubai and bought a binding maker. Thanks. I'm joining you as a follower!

  5. I made some bunting for my son's birthday party using your tutorial :)


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