Friday, February 12, 2010

How to make a rough and tumble area out of a thrifted sheet and an old duvet inner....

Annie-Rose and I went to playcentre yesterday morning [here she is with my friend Christina]. She loved rolling on some large flat pillows they had on the floor. I thought, hmm I could make that. So when I got home I got out a couple of pieces of sheet and some old pieces of duvet and batting and made these...
Took me 20 minutes from go to whoa and the kids have been enjoying them...
Actually James, that wasn't what I had in mind.
Yes that's better. Reuben has been practicing 'rolly pollies' (forward rolls)...
While Annie likes to lie on them and be rolled from end to end.
And playcentre was great. Can't wait till next Friday when we get to play there again.


  1. Great idea - I love playcentre too!!

  2. How neat! Great for sleep overs too when there isn't an extra bed and you don't want to make someone sleep on the hard floor. Or camping! Put it inside your sleeping bag for a little extra cushion. lol

  3. this is such a fun idea....looks like everyone is loving it.


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