Friday, February 12, 2010

My Place and Yours: Kitchen Love

This is my favourite part of the kitchen. I love my big stove top and I love all the things around the stove. Unfortunately David HATES all the 'clutter' but it makes it so convenient, plus, {to be ruthlessly honest} I love the look of it (sorry darling xxxx).
Our coffee machine usually sits in this corner, but I'm loving my vintage cake rack that mum gave me for Christmas so much, I don't mind too much. Although I have emailed the repair man many times, asking him if he is going to charge accomodation by the night, and if I have to sell one of my children to pay for repairs, but still it does not return, sadly.
Darn I didn't notice the pen when I took the photo, or removed the fly from the rim of the thermos (lol) but hey its there! I love this thermos... it makes me smile when I come up the drive and see it.

A lot of eggs get eaten in our kitchen, especially when the big boys are training for a cycle race.
Our kitchen is not the best in the world, but I really like it, and we all use it a lot. A serious amount of cooking and baking from scratch goes on in our kitchen, and I'm proud of that. Chrissy may kill me when she sees this photo, so if I never return to this blog you'll know why! (just kidding, sorta)

Anyway pop over to Punky and Me and see some more kitchen love.


  1. Cute kitchen Deb... I am way to embarrassed to take any photos of our's right now. You can't see the benchtop for dishes! Lol... better get on and wash 'em I guess!!

    Do you have a yummy homemade tom. sauce recipe? I would love to make some this year.

  2. My kitchen is mostly full of kids!

  3. Its cozy, and you are happy. That is all that matters! I think there is a lot of character in your kitchen, and I love that cake rack, too! I, however, would have to kill a repair man if he didn't return my coffee pot to me...Juust kidding (well...sorta ;o) )

  4. Ooh, I have big luff for you cute thermos, and I'm very impressed by your fancy looking sunny side up eggs - mine never look like that!

    Thanks for playing!

  5. It'a great kitchen! Everything where you need it, except the Coffee Machine!

  6. i LOVE your stove....and your cake plate rack...and that fabric art....and all your bits and pieces around the stove.

  7. Fabulous big stove. Would love one myself! I always say that clutter adds character! :)


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