Saturday, February 20, 2010

One summery weekend...

The weather here has been average, well for summer! But this weekend it's one out of the box :) Started off well with Lily's party out in the sun...
This is our street Whanau... we love them.
Sisters taking a moment.
A beautiful face for Reuben.
The wee girl is sick with a cold, but boosting her energy with some party food!
Yesterday we went and watched a parade of 1200 Harley Davidson Motor bikes.

Today: Reuben is 8... pool party this afternoon.
Lots of pics later (+ the snake is finished... whew)


  1. Wow, it is cold, 35, and rainy here! Wish we had summer now!!

  2. that is some parade....i bet that was super cool. love the pictures. Reuben looks thrilled with his face painting

  3. its been a hot weekend this weekend hasnt it

    looks like you had a good time


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