Thursday, February 11, 2010

Owl - that's cute!

James and I have been working on these cards for Reuben's birthday invitations. We have a cuttlebug machine (from Warehouse Stationery) but the owl template is from Spotlight. It's easy to use and very effective. I feel some pink owls coming up for Annie's birthday!
The latest wee bird... two evenings of "I don't want to work, what else can i do"!! and he is cute...
Jacqui and Jen you have to try this!
He says "whoo, whooo!" and Annie-Rose says "oooh oooh"

I really must do some actual housework today!

Oh and pop over here to my lovely sister Sharyn,
who is giving away the bestest knitted heart you have ever seen!


  1. oh my, this owl is way too cute!!!! i love owls and you are out doing yourself with the invites! they are so fun

  2. oh that is so cute
    shame I cant make things like that

    off to check out your sisters blog

  3. Is that owl from a pattern? My Indi would squeal so loud you could hear her from over there if I made her one of them. Have a great weekend. X

  4. I'm a big owl fan. Love these! sooo cute

  5. i am a owl fanatic. love the cards, if only i could crochet

  6. that's a way creative way to make invites! Love the owe theme.


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