Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From my creative space this week....

Magic spray from Homemade Home. It's so refreshing and calming. Everybody needs a bottle. I brought some airplane sized spray bottles, just perfect to have for spritzing on a hot or stressed child (or adult).
Cup cakes for lunches and afternoon tea. Really awesome recipe in the Sunday Star Times this week by Annabel Langbein.
A pencil roll for Chrissy's best friend Sophie who turned 16 this week.
A refashioned t-shirt, using Kate's dot-to-dot method. I just cut of the existing neck band, did the dot-to-dot thing and put bias binding on. The t-shirt has been transformed. I also cut off the length, and zigzaged the edge pulling the fabric tight to make it go wobbly (sorry don't know the technical term!)
From a boxy, ugly shirt, to one I can wear any time!

Still to come this week...
 some bunting out of black fabric with white stars for the boy's birthday on Sunday.
 a hem on a dress I'm making much much shorter (and much more suitable)
 a crochet snake (by request) also for the boy's birthday on Sunday.

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  1. those cupcakes look divine! :D~
    I like the pencil roll and I hope Sophie will like it too! :)

  2. Great refashion. One day I will tackle something like that....

  3. yum...those cupcakes look so good! you always have something tasty baking! i love all the fun things that you are creating this week. that T looks especially cute!

  4. The Cup cakes look yummy

    I like the colours of the pencil roller

  5. I wish I was having afternoon tea. I wish we had afternoon tea here at all! For some reason, every time people from other countries talk about it, it always sounds so majestic, like a fairytale. ;o)


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