Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Cushion Tutorial

I really haven't had much time to make stuff lately, but I whipped up this cushion for our lounge. Do you want to make one? it's easy. I crocheted the circle thingy, just make it as bit as you want, but a doiley would work well too. Then I cut some old felted blanket and cut it to fit on three sides a cushion inner I had lying about. I made it a lot taller, so that it could be folded over at the top and then buttoned down. I'll show you later.

I sewed it up on three sides and I decided the raw edges would stay on the outside.

 Then I cut two hearts from heavy cream felt and sewed them together. I sewed a brooch fastening on the back.
Then I sewed a lot of little pink and rusty red coloured buttons on to the front of it.
I hand sewed the crocheted circle onto the cushion and pinned my brooch onto the front.
And then I'm going to sew three big chunky buttons on the back (I have to get some from spotlight) and it will be done.
Do you like it?? We like woollen cushions, because in our house people like to lie on the sofa and watch TV with a blanket and a woolly cushions are so snuggly. The brooch would look awesome on a winter coat too, so I think we might wear it sometimes too.


  1. what a great pillow idea. i love the buttons on the heart!!

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  3. it is so wonderful that she is so involved.

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