Friday, February 26, 2010

Yesterday and Today...

Yesterday we had a lovely morning at the beach...
Annie-Rose had a blast crawling about the sand.
 It was great to spend an hour and a half just enjoying hanging out. The rest of the day was MADLY busy! (although I lost my cellphone at the beach so that was quiet lol) I fell into bed after tea and read for a while before I went to sleep early.
I'm off to do some grocery shopping this morning (and get a cellphone sorted), take Reuben to Jolt and meet someone at the yard for a delivery of boards we need to get painted this week.
This afternoon I want to cook those pears, bind this quilt and maybe go for coffee with my big girl! James is off fishing with the cousins today so hopefully fresh fish for tea??

I hope your saturday is full of pleasant occupations, both useful and fun!


  1. For a second I thought these pears were potatoes... LOL! :)

    -- Birgit

  2. I love pears. I had some good ones last Fall. I peeled and sliced and put them in the freezer. They taste a lot like apples with cooked with cinnamon and brown sugar.

  3. the beach looks amazing! yummy fresh are you going to cook them?

  4. I like your sense of humour Id be gutted if I lost my cellphone

    I had a brilliant Saturday :) go read my blog :)


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