Monday, March 15, 2010

3 x 6 Bee block

Well, recently I fell in love with string blocks so I thought I would try that for this swap. do you like it?
This is for Tashonoel who wanted a woodland theme. I always suffer from performance anxiety (thinly veiled as procrastination) when I do these blocks, but I like it so I hope the others will too!

By the way I haven't forgotten my 39 Squares. They are coming on nicely. It's just very dark when I get up now in the morning, so I have to remember to take pictures during the afternoon. I'll take some today.


  1. I think it is just adorable....I love the colors and it pulled me right in...I am in the Artistic Mothers group with you...wanted to come say hi!

  2. Lovely colour combo Deb and those mushrooms are very cute!


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