Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coffee and Creativity are the best combination

We had such a good time and have decided to make it a monthly event. Chrissy took loads of photos, you can see them here.
Look at Miriam's awesome shoes, aren't they the coolest!!
We did lots of chatting.
The cafe we went to uses flags to mark the tables. We got the US flag, see Leslie, it was flying for you!

I love this photo of me and the wee girl. She's definitely on the improve I'm glad to say.

We will meet again on Saturday 27 March at 2pm.
Tell your friends, bring something (or don't)
It was fun.


  1. how i wish i could have been there!!! too bad New Zealand is like a 24 hour trip for me.

  2. looks fun! Those shoes reminded me of something I had totally forgotten about. When I was 13 or so, I used to sew seed beads on keds shoes in different patterns for my friends and me. I wish I had a picture of those. Good times. Maybe I'll have to make some for my fashionista daughter.


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