Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to make a treasure bag (for Rachel) [edited]

Before Christmas I made treasure bags from Soule Mama's book "Homemade Home", it's a fantastic book, run and buy it for yourself, I found it inspiring. Anyway Rachel emailed me to ask how I did it. I don't think there are instructions in the book, just a pretty picture! So, first you need to get some mesh, I don't know what Amanda used, but I used shade cloth which is easily available in New Zealand at hardware stores like the Warehouse, Mitre 10 and Bunnings. Sorry I don't know the US versions of these stores. You can make several bags out of half a metre (or half a yard). You also need a couple of scraps of fabric. I'll make one up today and post pictures.

I've also made a few of these from onion bags. I don't know if places other than New Zealand get their onions in these bags, they are mesh sort of bags.
Instructions for these here.

Ok, this is what I did. I sewed up the sides of the bag and turned it right side out. Then I folded a piece of cotton fabric across the top of the bag and sewed it all around. I think this will give it stability. Then I made handles in the usual way (fold fabric in half, press, open; press each raw edge to centre line, fold in half, sew down) and sewed them on. Easy!
I also use on on the back of the bathroom door for the bath toys.
Top view.

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  1. these are cute and look like a lot of fun!!! i can just imagine going to the beach and collecting up treasures on the walk


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