Monday, March 8, 2010

I know it's not Christmas for 292 Days but...

My fabric arrived last week for the After-Christmas swap, it took 3 months to arrive, don't know what the US postal service was thinking about this. Anyway now that they have arrived, I'm itching to get started. You know the quilt I made for Lily with the charm pack, would you like to make one like that along with me?? do you have a charm pack about that needs using up?? Or you can cut 40 5 inch squares. I'll post next Monday the instructions if you are interested.

(Sorry about multiple posts in one day, I just took a lot of photos and they seems to want to be separate posts!)


  1. me me!!! count me in i am interested!!

  2. oh and i would not care if you posted 10 times a day!!!

  3. What lovely fabric! I mail stuff to my friend in NSW often and sometimes it usually gets there pretty fast, the post office is a very strange place though.

    I want to quilt along, but am moving this month so we shall see!


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