Friday, March 12, 2010

Thirfted Goodness which inspire me to start some [more] new projects..

Yesterday I popped into one of my favourite Salvation Army Shops and got some treasures. The jug is enamel and is quite heavy, it looks like it could go on the stove... I wonder what it is for??
You can't go past Pyrex... it almost bounces. I think I have five of these now, but they are so so useful, and at $3 each, you can't go wrong.
There was some awesome fabric too. Usually I don't find much second hand fabric. This is going to make a dress for Annie-Rose. I thought I might use this 90-minute shirt pattern (Viv has been making them) but make them into dresses. There were some supremely ugly Bonds ones at the Warehouse, but some nutter had decided they would look cute with each part of the garment (both sleeves, front and back) a different coloured stripe. Anyway they gave me the idea to use this nice knit.
Modern stuff just does have this detail does it? I love this green and the paisley - to die for!
I also got these lovely wools. And because I already have several knit/crochet projects on the go, it didn't stop me from immediately sitting down after tea last night and starting a Neighborly for Annie-Rose. I think I'll put some stripes in it after I've done the bodice part. I hope it fits, I have no idea really, but since when did that stop us???


  1. I love paisley and Pyrex. I've made three garments out paisley so far, two skirts and one dress from a 1974 patte,r I call Lady in Lavendar. You can find them on my sewing blog.

  2. i love pyrex too ... but no pyrex love in my neighbourhood.great finds

  3. yay great finds - I love our local Salvation Army. They seem to get the best stuff in!

  4. Good thrift finds, Deb! I had never seen a neighborly before (I wonder if anyone wears those here?), but what a great idea. Is your little princess walking yet?

  5. wow...great finds...i can never find anything that good when i visit a vinnies or salvos...lucky

  6. Are you kidding me? AWESOME finds! I love, love, love thrift stores. Now I'm itching to go to one. Wonder if it will be open tomorrow since I have to go to Costco anyway (just next-door).


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