Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How quickly a year passes when you are having fun!

One year ago, this was my first view of Annie-Rose!
How quickly one year has passed.

Roo said it so well on his card...
"One year olds are very spehsall to me!"
We love this little one so much.
She has been a bright spot in a year of challenges!
She loved her presents.
(I'll blog them another day, we made most of them)
She soaked up all the excitment.
She ate loads of party food
(and so did we all)
Annie-Rose we had no idea how much fun you would be.
God really did sent us a precious gift.
We are so thankful.
Have lots of fun being one little girl.


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I'm glad you got to the right place at the right time a year ago :)

  2. Happy birthday to Annie-Rose!

  3. Beautiful from day one! I adore the card from Roo. One-year-olds are spehsall to me too.

  4. Happy birthday to you both!!
    Andi :-)

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Roo's card. You have to keep that forever. That is so beautiful. It looked like a very special day. May this year bring you all the loveliness of Annie-Rose in all things! x

  6. she is so precious you are one lucky momma to have a sweet girl like her.

  7. Happy Birthday Annie-Rose :) :) :)

    what a beautiful baby she was

    I love Roos card

    LOVE the butterfly whats the white thing?

  8. Happy Birthday little one! I didn't realize that our daughters are only 2 months apart. It is amazing how fast that first year went by, and the second one seems to be going by just as fast.

  9. Happy Birthday Miss Annie-Rose!!

  10. Hapy Big Birthday Number One Darling Annie-Rose. You are the sweetest and adorable little poppet and everyone who knows you knows what a precious wee gift you have been to all. big birthday hugs,

  11. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie1 and congratulations to you on getting through another first year!
    I recognise one of paisley jade's gorgeous softies there!!

  12. Happy birthday to you and Annie Rose! I always think first birthdays are a wonderful time to celebrate as parents for surviving (hehe) the year!! Pleased to hear you had a lovely day!

  13. what a sweetie...happy birthday little one!!!xxx

  14. Happy Birthday, Biggest Big Girl!

  15. So cute - looks like such a great day!


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