Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I finally managed to get some sewing done...

After this girl and I had been here, there and everywhere doing jobs, finally finally she went to bed and I got to sew these...
My windmill blocks!
I sewed like a maniac, but I got them all done.
They are going to take a lot of shuffling and re-arranging...
Ahh it felt good.
Good for the mental health.
Nothing like having a one year old to get you sewing fast!


  1. She is growing up so quickly Deb! Can't believe how much that little face is changing post to post! Your pinwheels look great! You'll never guess what I did last week?! I bottled tomato soup and tomato pasta sauce for the first time ever!!

  2. Love your windmill blocks :)

  3. So cute! The pinwheel blocks are great too! ;) The colors just sparkle.

  4. i guess you have to sew when you can!!! those shots of her are too precious. i love the windmills you made. the bright colors are so fun and delicious.

  5. Beautiful. I love the colors. I finally got some sewing done, too. I finished my patchwork poetry tote.


  6. I love the Pinwheels! Such great bright colors! I decided the next quilt I make will be in pinwheels.

  7. Very cool project! Even cuter little lady! Loooove her!

  8. Love the pinwheels and that baby/big girl of yours...she is scrumptiously cute! The quilt is coming right along!


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