Thursday, April 22, 2010

Squeezing the last out of the warm weather...

Late this afternoon we all hopped in our new-to-us 8 seater vehicle and went down to the beach for a fish and chip tea. It was so awesome to fit all the kids and the dog in the car and have room to spare.
Fish and chips in the fresh air taste the best. Mondo our spoodle was absolutely thrilled to be on the beach.
It quickly got dark, so we decided to go over the hill to Lyttleton (where I took the pictures yesterday)
and have icecreams while looking at the busy port.
Sometimes you just have to do it!


  1. You picked a great day for it, it has been divine weather.

  2. oh this sounds like so much fun. a picnic on the beach is always amazing. what is a spoodle? he is cute! Congrats on the new big car...they all look so happy and comfortable in there.

  3. indeed, sometimes you do have to. It looks like a great time! I'm sure our Peppy would love the beach too.

  4. Now that sounds like the perfect day!


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