Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

I know not all mums get to spend mother's day with their kids for one reason or another. I hope if this is you that you get to congratulate yourself on the good job you are doing in the hardest job in the world!
To all the mums who read this...
I hope you have a lovely day today
whether your children are with you or not,
tell someone a funny story about your kids today.

Here's my funny story, I'm current posting a picture of my eldest on my Facebook page every day until her bedroom gets tidy! It's starting to work I believe, especially as I have MANY photos. Also instead of getting mad, I'm just having fun!

What's your funny story? Post one on your blog and link in the comments!


  1. I love your room tidying tactic, will have to remember that- social media put to good use!! NIce to see the lovely Annie Rose. Good on you Deb. Happy Mothers day

  2. lol...i love this idea...i am wickedly rubing my hands together in prepration to have go at for the laugh...happy mother

  3. Happy Mothers Day

    I like your FB idea might have to try that one with my older son sometime soon :)

  4. what a brilliant parenting idea...mortify her into doing what you want her to do...i think this is great!!! those pictures of little Annie rose are too precious. she is such a love. and happy mothers day to you too


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