Saturday, May 1, 2010

My new favourite bag and Annie's new favourite quilt....

I made the Mama bag from the Homemade Home book. It is fantastic... well proportioned and perfect sizing. There is basically no measuring required, no fancy pieces, just wack it together! lol probably not the terms Amanda would have used!
Last weekend when I was doing my wardrobe tidy of the kids wardrobes, I found a white fluffy blanket and was inspired to finish off this UFO. It's the ragged squares quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts. I just went to her blog for the link and HURRAY SHE IS BLOGGING AGAIN!! I missed her, she's crazy, but she's great!
I just put the fleecey blanket and the quilt top right sides together, sewed all around leaving a gap. Turned it right side out and sewed all the way round the edge. Annie loves it. Luckily I took these pictures as it um, not white now!

I've had a productive week. I'm sewing the binding down on the Jane Brocket quilt tonight and I'll take pictures tomorrow. The weekend goes by so fast.


  1. i LOVE that bag! (and the fabric is just fabulous!) Great job!! That book is so good, by the way. I haven't made anything out of it yet, but you've inspired me!

  2. i love that bag...i have the book and have been thinking about making that bag...yours looks amazing. i am so thrilled that CMQ is back. this quilt for Annie is so adorable.

  3. both are fantastic! I adore the fabrics you choose. Love your taste.

  4. The quilt squares are AWESOME and original! Lovely! And, I love, love, love the retro-FABulous bad!


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