Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sewing snippets from the weekend...

A wee bird on a thifted cardy (50c)
And yes she does have a dirty face

Quiet moments working on some hand quilting
Bindings done on the "Cheer-me-up" Quilt
Reuben: "Thanks so much for doing the binding mum"
Bindings on the 9-patch quilt

Also this weekend...
Dessert and drinks in town with David
Movie (Tour de France 2008) with kids
Some new shelves in the sewing room
The worst haircut ever (fail Hair Co)
Soup and fresh bread with cousins


  1. What a lovely weekend of sewing! Bindings are the best, because now you've got two quilts to use, woohoo!

  2. Love the little bird on the cardie - so cute!!

  3. sounds like a good weekend...the little bird is so is that dirty face!!! means she enjoyed herself doing something right? those quilts look great. i love the bright colors of Reubens and the soft of the 9 patch.


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