Monday, June 28, 2010

How to fend off a bad mood with A Tutu and some Thrifty Finds...

today I made Annie a no-sew tutu
so so cute!
Reuben came home in a grumpy mood
threw down his bag, and shoes
and slammed the kitchen door
and woke Annie up.
Now she is in a grumpy mood.

if they both keep on
I think I will be grumpy soon...

lucky I invested $12 in some awesome
thrifty finds in peachy colours...

After months of fruitless searching... four birds!
No I won't get grumpy this time.
I'll have a hot cup of tea, get dinner on early
and wash my new vintage sheets.

I love blogging!


  1. Oh my gosh, 300 followers!

    and p.s. can't wait to get those birds for my birthday. haha.

  2. Hi there
    I have just discovered your blog. It looks fab and can't wait to browse through more of your posts.
    We are from Christchurch and I miss it soooo much.
    I'm envious of your vintage sheets. Happy treasure finding!!

  3. What an adorable little princess, even if she is grouchy!

  4. oh that do have a knack for finding awesome linen...tell me your

  5. I think in the States people throw things away too readily, thus, no vintage sheets to be found! Lovely pics and thanks for sharing!

  6. Lucky you're more chilled out than me! Waking my sleeping baby is a grump offence no questions asked!!! Looks like some good finds

  7. that sheet is amazing ... i obviously need to visit NZ to go op shopping.

  8. I seriously could not imagine you grumpy at all Deb!! wonderful catching up with you at the wekeend,and great catching upon your blog posts tonight...

  9. I am in love with that pinky peach cloth! Pink, peach, orange are some of my favorite colors to pair together. Hope your night continued well! I have a quick question about the vintage sheets. Are two fat quarters and one fat eighth per block kit enough to send out? I know it doesn't allow for much variety for the people sewing blocks with many pieces, but I don't have any other fabric. I have one more sheet I can cut up if necessary, though. This is so exciting! I can't believe I have my sheets cut already. lol

  10. My goodness I love the birds! You always find the best stuff. :)


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