Sunday, June 13, 2010

I love Mondays...

Especially when the sun shines!

And there is pretty bunting left over from Sunday

And flowers

It looks so tidy (for our house!)

and loved!
Don't you like a home that feels loved?

I hope you are loving your monday too.


  1. Love the bunting... I'm in the middle of trying to tidy up our house so then I can enjoy it like yours!!

  2. Beautiful tablecloth (?) with fruit and flowers - nice setup! And your flower quilt (?) on the wall.

  3. Love the bunting too, and a loved house is a happy home xx

  4. well we will see how my monday goes when i get there!!!

    i love the bunting in the house

  5. My Monday is sunny at least :) I love the bunting! I want to make some for my son's birthday party, which is in, um, two weeks. Eeeek!


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